Policies on administration and transfer of public property into private property

The state policy on public property administration is promoted by the Ministry of Economy. The institution in charge for enforcing this policy is the Public Property Agency that is run by the Ministry. The institutions in charge for public property administration follow the Law no. 121 on Administration and Transfer of Public Property into Private Property, Law no. 146 on State Enterprises and Law no. 1134 on Joint-Stock Companies.


According to the legislation, public property is administered under the principles of efficiency, legality and transparency with a view to harmonize the size and structure of public property, as well as the ways of its administration with the functions of the state. The goals and basic principles of public property administration also include:


•attracting investments in the public sector of national economy and ensuring efficient management; 

•developing competition in national economy; 

•determining the composition and value of assets in the public area of the state and keeping the record of these assets; 

•increasing the attractiveness of state enterprises and commercial companies with public capital through corporate administration;

•forecasting, planning, keeping record, monitoring and overseeing public property;

•protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the state in the field of public property