Public Property Agency

The Public Property Agency (PPA) is the central line authority of the public administration that operates within the Ministry of Economy. In line with the PAA Regulation approved by Government Decision no. 1008 of 10.09.2007, the institution enforces the state policy in the following areas: 


•administration and transfer of public property into private property; 

•post-privatization activities, exercising the function of owner of the assets that belong to the state, according to the legislation and within its scope of duties;

•public-private partnerships.


The Agency follows the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Law no.121-XVI of May 4, 2007 on the administration and transfer of public property into private property, Law no.179-XVI of July 10, 2008 on the public-private partnership, other legislative and regulatory acts, international treaties the Republic of Moldova is party to, as well as this Regulation. The Agency cooperates with central specialized authorities of public administration and with local public authorities, as well as with international bodies. The structure of the Agency is approved by order of the Minister of Economy, while the staffing list is approved by the Government.


The Public Property Administration area is administered in the Ministry of Economy by:

Directorate for Policies on Administration and Transfer of Public Property into Private Property

Public Property Agency