Government of the Republic of Moldova
Ministryof Economy andInfrastructure

Green line: 250 500

Economic modeling and forecasting section

In accordance with the responsibilities assigned to it, the department performs the following functions: analyzing the evolution of macroeconomic indicators (gross domestic product by resource and use categories, consumer price index, budget revenues and expenses, etc.); preparation of reports and analytical information on the socio-economic situation, trends in the country, the register of macroeconomic indicators; preparation of analytical information necessary in cooperation with international organizations; improvement of the methodology of socio-economic development forecasts, including the process of econometric modeling of macroeconomic forecasting; making proposals for the improvement of legislation in relation to issues relating to the areas of competence of management, participation in the development of draft legislative and regulatory acts in the socio-economic sphere; making proposals for identifying the priorities of the fiscal and monetary policy of the Republic of Moldova.
Head of Section - Victoria Blanuța 
tel. (+ 373 22) 250 632
e-mail: victoria.blanuț
Senior consultant - Lilia Tolocico
tel. (+ 373 22) 250 627
Senior consultant - Zinovia Munteanu
tel. (+ 373 22) 250 627

Senior consultant -  Rodica Nicoara

Tel.(+373 22) 250 626