Government of the Republic of Moldova
Ministryof Economy andInfrastructure

Green line: 250 500

Financial and Administrative Section

Financial and Administrative Section
The Financial and Administrative Department of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure is a structural subdivision of support, performing the financial administration and accounting, the technical-material supply, the technical and organizational assistance, ensuring the necessary conditions for the activity of the Ministry.
The mission of the Department is to maintain and strengthen the Ministry's financial and budgetary management, contributing to the achievement of its objectives by:
      -conformity with the regulatory framework and internal regulations;
      - effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
      -security and optimization of assets and liabilities;
      -security and integrity of information.
Head of Section - Ecaterina ŢURCANU
Tel .: (+373 22) 250 696
Consultant principal - Lidia Gutu
Tel .: (+373 22) 250 697