Industrial and competitiveness policies

The competitiveness of the industrial sector largely depends on the extent to which it is able to assimilate modern products and technologies, diversify the production and exports. In this sense, a major concern for the Ministry of Economy in 2013 was to create the necessary prerequisites to successfully implement innovations and ensure the transfer of technologies in the sectors of national economy.

The innovational strategy of the Republic of Moldova for 2013-2020 „Innovations for Competitiveness” is the first step in accelerating the development of the country’s innovational system. The goal of the Strategy is to provide consistent framework of horizontal policies that will contribute to increasing the international competitiveness of the Republic of Moldova and building a knowledge-based economy, developing the human capital, building the skills of Moldovan companies to absorb, generate and disseminate information through their closer connection with university and research centers. The Strategy adopts a modern vision and approach that fully covers the current realities and needs of Moldovan society that has good capacities to assimilate, copy, reproduce, re-engineer and optimize the existing innovations, but still has few capacities to generate new innovations at global level.

7 industrial pools established in the country with a total volume of investments estimated at about EUR 183 million and over 7400 jobs. An efficient tool for rehabilitating the industrial sector development in the whole country is the creation of industrial pools that serve as a catalyst for the transition to a new formula of economic development that is based on exports and investments. To this end, the development and improvement of mechanisms for creating and operating industrial pools continued in 2013 and amendments were introduced to the Law on Industrial Pools. As a result, some uncertainties faced by the parties in the enforcement of the respective law were eliminated, and provisions related to the lease, rental and alienation of assets from industrial pools were included.

A modern tool for supporting and stimulating the processes of industrial sectors modernization are the clusters that are based on the use of modern technologies, are science-intensive and represent centers for industrial integration (production) of the enterprises. To develop the regulatory framework in this field, the Concept of cluster development of the Republic of Moldova’s industrial sector that is based on the international experience of cluster initiatives was developed. The state intervention suggested in the concept refers to cluster development of industrial branches with a significant potential of growth where the prerequisites required for the creation of clusters were formed. The clusters are designed to solve the issue of industrial activity decrease caused by the reduced competitiveness of production enterprises from the Republic of Moldova.