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International Economic Cooperation

International Cooperation Department

The International Cooperation Department has the mission to develop the strategic directions of the foreign economic policy of the state with a view to integrating the national economy into the global one and protecting the national economic interests, as well as promoting, expanding and diversifying mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral cooperation at international level.

The functions of the Department are the development of bilateral legal framework at the interstate level, intergovernmental, interministerial and interregional relations, which regulate Moldova's commercial, economic and investment relations with other states, the implementation and monitoring of the application of international economic treaties, the setting up of joint committees and working groups , the activity of which is regulated by agreements, bilateral and multilateral economic treaties, as well as the coordination of the implementation of the decisions taken by the joint committees and working groups on                           commercial-economic cooperation.


The Directorate is structured in two division:

- Trade Regimes and bilateral economic relations division

- Dual Destination goods control service


Deputy Head of Department – Cristina CEBAN


Phone: (+373 22) 250 554