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MEI jointly with the Public Property Agency initiates a consultative dialogue with the national and international business environment regarding the definition of the final concept of the project and construction start near ARENA Chisinau
10/15/2019 - 14:56

For the purpose of zonal development and development in the public interest of the state's public property land in the state's private domain, under the patronage of the Public Property Agency, a consultative dialogue is initiated with the national and international business environment regarding establishing the final concept of the project and starting construction. in the vicinity of Chisinau city (Stauceni comm.).

Thus, we inform that on August 24,2018 the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova signed a Public Private Partnership agreement for the design, financing and construction of the multipurpose arena of national interest "Chisinau ARENA". This project is designed for a surface of 10ha and were allocated additionally to the project approx. 59ha for the development of the infrastructure located on the territory outside the village of Stauceni, at the intersection of Calea Orheiului and Bucovina road of category "D" in the categories "R7", "C4" and "C7".

The multipurpose ARENA is to be put into operation by the end of 2019 and will be able to host various sporting, cultural, recreational events to the highest international standards.

In this regard, the Government of the Republic of Moldova together with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Public Property Agency and the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture, are calling on the business environment regarding

1) (i) advancing the concepts of valorization and development of the land with the surface of 59ha that add value to the existing Objective (Multipurpose Arena) and (ii) the direct participation as a developer bidder in the construction of the architectural complex, based on public tender;

2) identification of an operator with international experience in the field of management of socio-cultural objectives, who will take over in his management part of the project "Chisinau ARENA" based on a performance contract managed by public tender, for a limited term, having based on the payment of an annual fee.


The primary concept of zonal development (see the presentation of the Zonal Urban Plan annexed below) is considered as a landmark for the advancement of concepts from the national and international business environment.


Any concept, proposals, but also additional questions for consultation, can be sent until December 3, 2019, to the email:, Ion Potlog, advisor, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.