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Octavian Calmac:”Success can be achieved only by close cooperation of central and local authorities”
02/29/2016 - 14:09

20 February, Chisinau – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Octavian Calmac, on 19 February, undertook a working visit to Edinet district, where he held meetings with the local mayors, entrepreneurs, civil society representatives and discussed about the problems they are facing and ways to settle them.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Calmac discussed about the measures taken by the Government towards overcoming the socio-political and economic situation and undertook a dialogue with local district councilors, mayors, leaders of various organizations, public and non-governmental associations, "We are determined to make changes to redress the situation at both central and local levels. But for this we need your support, and any change can be accomplished only if we work together ", the Minister of Economy emphasised.


Regarding the actions and measures taken by the central authorities, Octavian Calmic said that increased attention will be paid to attracting investment, creating optimal conditions for the entrepreneurship, supporting the creation of new enterprises in different sectors of the national economy. "We also come with some social packages for citizens - the reduction of tariffs for natural gas, which has already been done, now we examine the same possibilities for electricity, the indexation of pensions and salaries, etc. The year 2016 must become the year when Government solves, if not all, most of the problems faced by our citizens", the Minister of Economy pointed out.