Trade notification

On July 19 this year, through Law no. 153 of 01.07.2016 came into force the amendments to the Law on Internal Trade no. 231 of 23.09.2010, which provide for the simplification of the launch of a commercial activity. According to the new law, the operating authorization for commercial units and providing services is replaced by a simple notification to the mayor's office. Exceptions are some commercial activities with a high risk for the health of the population and the environment, for which is required additionally sanitary or veterinary authorization.

For example, for the sale of meat, milk, fish or provision of public catering services (restaurant, bar, café), it is mandatory the arrangement of the veterinary authorization; for the provision of body services or trade in fuels (PECO stations) - sanitary authorization.

As a result, initially, will be created the single physical sign-up window for notifications of trading activities. Later, based on the information resource in the field of trade, will operate the single electronic notification window, which will allow the establishment of an information base on trading activities. Should be mentioned that this information resource will connect into a system all state authorities with competence in the supervision of the internal consumer market. Consequently, the applicant for trade practice will be able to submit only the notification, including on-line, without attaching other confirmatory documents and without interacting with state authorities.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Economy has approved a roadmap for the implementation of the trade notification, which expressly provides for the actions that are required for the execution of the legal provisions. Thus, the mentioned state authorities should fulfill the requirements for the marketing of products / services by the field of competence and publish them on their official websites. At the same time, the local authorities elaborate / improve the conditions for the trade in the territory, which traders must know before beginning their activity.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the trade notification, the Ministry of Economy will organize regional training in the territory for local authorities and traders.